2020 Program Launch: Digital Nostalgia

We often speak of the internet as the Bad Place, but it’s also vital for many people to access resources and services, entertainment and community – perhaps now more so than ever. From discussion forums and MSN crushes to TikTok choreographies and pandemic meetings and parties on Zoom, online spaces continue to offer a gathering place for when we can’t be physically together.

To celebrate the launch of the Emerging Writers’ Festival’s exciting – and fully digital – 2020 program, four festival artists will reflect on the times they found (or failed to find!) connection, chaos and care online.

Hosted by the Emerging Writers’ Festival’s Artistic Director Ruby-Rose Pivet-Marsh and Program Coordinator Millie Baylis, featuring Festival artists Alistair Baldwin, Bridget Caldwell-Bright, Jamie Marina Lau and Panda Wong.

Presented in partnership with The Wheeler Centre

Tue 2 June, 6.15pm - 7.15pm

Free livestream, right here!