Interactive & Project

Poetry in Motion

This year EWF presents a digital exhibition co-curated with Poetry Film Portal. Explore our virtual portal, which presents film poetry shorts from five different artists. Swim with your senses as the theme of movement carries you through bodies and assemblages, voices and silence, stasis and isolation, joy and connection. Listen, watch, and feel as spoken word, text, and filmic perspectives combine to create poetry in motion.

With Poetry Film Portal and Claire Albrecht, Chelle Destefano, Ruby Kammoora, Trixi Rosa, and Carielyn Tunion

‘The Ocean Owns You’ by Claire Albrecht

‘Where the Nilads Grow’ by aliencry (Carielyn Tunion)

‘Deaf Voices’ by Chelle Destefano

‘Moon’ by Ruby Kammoora

‘Nostalgia Eroding’ by Trixi Rosa