Have you read a Blak book lately?

Kate Callingham  

We are highly anticipating the Blak&Bright Victorian Indigenous Literary Festival next week, which will celebrate Aboriginal writing, culture and ideas with keynotes, performances, workshops, panels and more! So if you’re looking to stock up your b...

Q&A with Geoff Orton

Else Fitzgerald  

Geoff Orton is the founder of Writers Bloc (http://thewritersbloc.net/), previous director of the Younger Young Writers’ Program at the National Young Writers’ Festival and a high school teacher. At EWF15 Geoff hosted the Unlikely Paths panel at...

Q&A with Jane Howard

Else Fitzgerald  

Jane Howard is an arts journalist, critic, and researcher who has worked throughout Australia and the UK. In 2015 she was Kill Your Darlings’ theatre and performing arts columnist, her work has appeared in publications including ABC Arts Online, Re...

Q&A with James Tierney

Michaela McGuire  

James Tierney was the online Books and Writing columnist for the Melbourne literary journal Kill Your Darlings in 2015. His writing has appeared in The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and The Big Issue. He is currently working on a boo...