Emerging Writers’ Festival 2021 Dates Announced

Emerging Writers’ Festival 2021 Dates Announced!

The EWF Team are back together and we’re hitting the ground running with our #EWF21 planning. We’ve got artist applications to discuss, ideas to brainstorm and a whole festival to organise! 

The dates for this year’s festival are 16-26 June 2021. 

Put it in your diary, scribble it on a Post-It note, scream it from your rooftop – whatever you have to do, coz you won’t wanna miss this one.

This year, we’ll be presenting a hybrid festival; a stunning combination of online and in-person events. That means you’ll be able to access most events from wherever you’re located, with the option of coming along to a few super special in-person events. As Hannah Montana would say, it’s the best of both worlds!

We can’t wait to share more with you about this year’s festival. We’re busy planning our program launch, which we’ll have more details for you about soon.

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